Padma Lakshmi is very strict regarding ‘parenting’, said on the upbringing of her daughter – ‘She does not have any account…’

New Delhi: Indian-born supermodel, TV host, producer, cookbook author and actress Padma Lakshmi talked about her teenage daughter Krishna and told that she is very strict about some things of parenting. Padma keeps sharing photos and videos of her 14-year-old daughter Krishna on social media. “I think any parent can understand what we are doing,” Padma told at the Gold Gala.

The actress said, ‘This is not something for which we had prepared in advance. We were just sitting on the couch talking, ‘Oh, she’s funny.’ This is funny. And then I said, ‘Let’s record it’. This is just an experiment. It’s so much fun watching our kids grow up and become who they want to be. She said that sometimes she is surprised by Krishna’s blunt answers.

Padma Lakshmi shares daughter’s photo-video
Padma Lakshmi said, ‘He has his own opinion on various things. I don’t think she is any different from most teenagers, perhaps she has become wise a little earlier than her age. Padma told that Krishna is visible on her social media account, but her daughter does not have any account of her own. He said, ‘He is not on social media, I know about it.’

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