World Top Economy in 2075 India larger GDP than Muslim Countries Pakistan Nigeria Turkey Indonesia Saudi Arabia

World Top Economy in 2075 India larger GDP than Muslim Countries Pakistan Nigeria Turkey Indonesia Saudi Arabia

The whole world has had to suffer the consequences of the Corona epidemic and wars like Russia-Ukraine, but the way India has come out of these situations is also praised by other countries. Looking at India’s current growth rate, many agencies have estimated that India will become the world’s third largest economy by 2050 and will fall to second place in 2075. In the year 2075, India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will exceed 50 trillion dollars. This figure will be more than the total GDP of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Nigeria and Indonesia.

Goldman Sachs has prepared a list based on the estimated GDP of countries around the world in 2075, in which India has been described as the second largest economy. India will also leave America behind in the next 51 years. India will have an economy of $52.5 trillion, while America’s GDP will be $51.5 trillion.

India will become a bigger power than the total GDP of five Muslim countries
The report said that the total GDP of Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Indonesia will be 50.3 trillion dollars, which is about 2 trillion dollars less than India. Although, Egypt will also be named in the top 10 largest economies along with Nigeria, Pakistan and Indonesia, but Saudi Arabia and Turkey are not in the top 10.

By 2075, Nigeria will have an economy of $13.1 trillion and Pakistan’s GDP will be $12.3 trillion. Saudi Arabia will have 6.1 trillion dollars, Turkey will have 5.1 trillion dollars and Indonesia’s economy will be 13.7 trillion dollars.

4 Muslim countries will be among the top largest economies
The report estimates that by 2075, four Muslim countries of the world will be among the 10 largest economies. The names of Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Egypt are in the top 10 list. At the same time, countries like Germany and Japan, which are currently at third and fourth positions, will come down in the list. Not only this, these four countries are now drowned in debt and the condition of Pakistan is the worst at this time. People there are facing the brunt of inflation and the prices of everyday items are touching the sky.

Where will these Muslim countries be in the list?
According to the report, among the 10 largest economies, Indonesia will be at fourth place, while Nigeria will be at fifth and Pakistan will be at sixth place. However, Saudi Arabia and Türkiye will not be in the top 10. Saudi Arabia will be at 18th and Türkiye at 20th. The total GDP of these five Muslim countries will be 50.3 trillion dollars, while India will have a GDP of 52.5 trillion dollars. Currently, India is the fifth largest economy in the world with a GDP of $2.8 trillion.

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