Shamita Shetty is suffering from endometriosis, is your daughter becoming a victim of it, know from symptoms to treatment from Dr.


Apart from Bollywood actress Shamita Shetty, Shruti Haasan, Sumona Chakraborty have also suffered from endometriosis. Severe pain and cramps that girls experience during periods can also be a symptom of endometriosis.

Shamita Shetty health news: Shamita Shetty, sister of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, is currently suffering from a serious disease called endometriosis. Giving information on social media from the hospital bed itself, Shamita said that after suffering pain for a long time, she has undergone surgery and is hoping to recover soon. Many Hollywood actresses including actress Shruti Hassan, TV actress Sumona Chakraborty have been suffering from this disease. Shamita also asked women to be aware about this disease. Let us tell you that the disease that Shamita Shetty has suffered can happen to any girl or woman. It is possible that your daughter, who suffers from pain during periods, may also have this disease, but you may have ignored it considering it to be a normal pain.

According to health experts, many girls and women are suffering from this disease but they get instant relief from the pain by consuming pain killers and are unable to come forward for treatment. By the time she reaches the hospital, she has many serious problems. Regarding endometriosis disease Dr. Sunita Mittal, Director of Fortis Memorial Research Institute Gurugram and top gynecologist of NCR. Know the answer to every question from..

Question- How common is endometriosis disease in women?
answer. This disease used to occur in women earlier too but earlier it was not so diagnosed. Women used to travel and bear it as period pain. He did not even know that he had this disease. Nowadays, if the diagnosis is done quickly then this disease is easily detected. Nowadays this disease is present in 10 to 15 percent of females in India.

Question- At what age is this disease more likely to occur?
answer. This disease can occur from the beginning of periods till menopause. This can be considered from 12-13 years to 45-48 years of age. This problem occurs mainly in the reproductive age. During this period, it can start at any age for any woman, unmarried or married.

Question- What are the symptoms of this disease?
answer- Its two symptoms are infertility and severe pain in the pelvic area or lower abdomen during periods. Cramps, pain after intercourse, pain during urination or defecation, excessive weakness during periods, etc.

Question. Does this disease affect fertility?
answer. There are only two effects of this disease. One is severe pain during periods and the other is difficulty in conceiving. This disease causes infertility. The other aspect of this is that if you examine women who are unable to have children, then about 30-35 percent of them are found to have endometriosis.

Question- Is its treatment possible in India?
answer- Yes, it has good treatment in India. I have been doing it for the last 40 years. It is treated both with medicines and surgically. If someone is given medicines, then the patient remains on medicines for about 6 to 8 months and then he is examined. Apart from this, there is laparoscopy in surgery. Surgery can be done for both infertility and pain.

Question- Is this disease related to any particular lifestyle or stress etc.?
answer- This disease is genetic. Runs in the family. It has nothing to do with lifestyle disorder.

Question- Is there any solution for prevention?
answer- Since it is genetic, there is no such protection, but women and girls are advised to have children early. Before the age of 30. It ends soon after pregnancy. At the same time, if pregnancy is not happening, even if there is no pain, then definitely consult a doctor so that infertility can be prevented.

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