Why no Formula 1 fan can ignore this game this year

Track improvements, completely redesigned career mode, voiceover from real drivers and a handling system designed with Max Verstappen. This is all included in the latest F1 game from Electronic Arts (Order EA SPORTS F1 24 here).

Never has an F1 car felt better

Working closely with current World Champion and Champions Edition cover star Max Verstappen, the new EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling has fundamentally changed the way the cars feel to deliver realistic and predictable handling on both steering wheels and controllers. New suspension kinematics, an improved tire model, advanced aerodynamic simulations, and new engine and car setup options enrich the driving experience. Factors such as cornering, rolling resistance, brake pressure, track temperature, and variable conditions allow players to receive instant feedback to optimize performance on the track.

Get an impression of the racing action yourself with the official trailer for the game:

EA Sports F1 24: This is how spectacular the new F1 game looks (01:35 min.)

Track improvements for a more intense racing experience

Improvements on and around the race tracks offer an even more intense racing experience. For example, the iconic race track Silverstone updated to ensure authentic route accuracy. The Spa Francorchampsthe Lusail International Circuit and the Jeddah Corniche Circuit have been updated to best match their real-life counterparts. Real audio samples of drivers reacting to incidents on track from F1 broadcasts add a new dimension to the game, and a new presentation package for broadcasts and cutscenes makes race day even more immersive.

Play yourself for the first time in the revamped Career Mode

As part of the revamped Career Mode, fans can choose between an up-and-coming F2 driver and a legendary icon, or create their own legacy. Various objectives on the circuits can increase reputation in the paddock, with race day tasks requiring greater focus. Completing contract objectives will help secure new contracts or negotiate secret meetings for a move to a rival.

The new F1 game EA Sports F1 24 from Electronic Arts
In close collaboration with Max Verstappen, the new EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling redefines the driving experience of the car, Photo: EA Sports F1 24

The driver’s reputation also influences the support he receives from the team; the higher the reputation, the more motivated the team is. Players can either focus on a new development or divide resources for balanced development. In addition to short-term successes, drivers also pursue longer-term goals based on expectations for the season, such as top-10 finishes, pole positions or winning the world championship.

In co-op mode, players can start a career together or compete as rivals in the two-player career, pursuing individual driver goals. The Challenger career offers a perfect introduction before a 24-race season, with players selecting an F1 driver and taking part in mini-seasons. A community voting system influences the conditions and tracks for future events.

Additional features such as F1 World, My Team and the soundtrack round off the game

F1 World, the platform for multiplayer, Grand Prix, Time Trials and the new Fanzone feature, returns for a second season. Players can tune into their favourite team and driver during a Podium Pass season and take part in a cross-game, time-limited league that offers shared objectives while competing against rival teams.

EA SPORTS F1 24: 4 improvements to the new F1 game (01:31 min.)

In addition, the My Team career returns with two new icons: legendary former World Champion James Hunt and Colombian F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya, who are available exclusively in the Champions Edition. Also included are the dynamic F1 24 Drivers’ Rankings, which are regularly updated and are a key component of the “My Team” mode, released a few days before the first victory of Lando Norris and cover the season opener in Bahrain up to the Chinese Grand Prix.

There is also a bombastic soundtrack with international stars such as Skrillex, Tame Impala and Justice that give players the thrill. Authenticity is key: from Spain to Bahrain, from Monaco to Mexico and from Abu Dhabi to Miami, the F1 24 soundtrack delivers 40 tracks from 17 nations.

EA SPORTS F1 24 is available worldwide since May 31 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via the EA app, Epic Games Store and Steam.

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