That’s why Alex Albon extended his contract with Williams

Alex Albon will stay with Williams in Formula 1 long-term. This has been known since yesterday. The Grove-based F1 team announced on Wednesday that the Thai driver had signed a multi-year contract. The extension came as a slight surprise given that he has been linked to top teams several times in recent months.

Albon explained before the GP in Imola what motivated him to decide on a Williams comparison so early in the Formula 1 season. An important factor here was the long-term security that could be offered to him there.

Alternative for Albon too uncertain? Williams offers long-term security

“Of course I looked at other options,” confirmed Albon. But he never had any doubts about a Williams extension. “At the moment there are some of these cockpits [bei den Topteams] only Mercedes. A lot can happen there and in many different ways,” said Albon. In addition, there would probably only have been a short-term contract with the former world champion team and not a multi-year offer.

Williams, on the other hand, was able to offer him that long-term security. Not only that, given the interest from other racing teams, they were even forced to act as quickly as possible. The 28-year-old was actually still under contract for 2025 anyway. However, this did not stop the competition from making or preparing attempts to poach customers.

Williams team boss James Vowles described the team’s planning as follows: “Alex was on a lot of people’s lists, and unsurprisingly. That’s always a worry, and that’s why I knew it was up to us to prove that he was with us for the long term is the right place and why I believe we can take him to the top.”

Dorilton millions and James Vowles: That spoke for Williams

In doing so, he is primarily alluding to the changes that are taking place behind the scenes. Since the takeover of Dorilton Capital in 2020, massive investments have been made in Grove, the number of employees has been increased from 700 to 1,000 and at the same time the technological gap to the competition that Williams had built up is increasingly being reduced.

At first glance, it doesn’t fit that the team hasn’t been able to collect a single point yet. “If the season had started better, then everything would look a little more logical. But there are seismic shifts behind the scenes and it will take some time until that really becomes apparent to the outside world,” Albon is sure.

James Vowles: Albon is the leader for Williams

It is difficult to estimate when this will happen. Vowles emphasized that with the switch to the new regulations in 2026, we are not yet in a position to fight for the world championship. The boss himself is an important factor in the trust that Albon places in his team. He did most of the convincing to keep the former Red Bull driver in Grove. “It is the vision and the experience that James has” that convinced him, said Albon.

From the team side there were never really any doubts about Albon anyway. For two years he has been the team’s points guarantee, while his teammates only played second fiddle. But, according to Vowles, the sporting record is only half the reason why they are planning long-term with Albon. The other half is the way he perceives his role. “Alex is a leader and the way I imagine a leader is, he can give 1,000 people the right impetus to work in the direction he asks,” said Vowles.

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