‘Missing Ladies’ fame Kiran Rao’s advice to directors, said- ‘Make something that…’

New Delhi: Kiran Rao is celebrating the success of ‘Missing Ladies’. The director gave a special message to all the screenwriters and told how they can stay at the top of their profession. Speaking to the media on the sidelines of the 15th Kashish Pride Film Festival, Kiran Rao said, ‘I always feel that there are some films which perform well and some which do not. To remain useful you have to create something that resonates with an audience.

Kiran Rao believes that a good story is one that you connect with, something that you find interesting and important to talk about. Talking about the audience, Kiran said, ‘People have many options now. Their access to many types of content has become easier. As a filmmaker I think you need to be on top of your profession. If you are good at creating stories that are interesting, you will be a good storyteller. Whether you are working for an OTT platform or making a film. According to media reports, ‘Missing Ladies’ was made for Rs 4 crore, which has earned approximately Rs 21 crore from the box office.

FIRST PUBLISHED: May 16, 2024, 21:43 IST

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