No MotoGP customer team for 2025? Fabio Quartararo expects clear reaction from Yamaha

Yamaha is one of the two problem children of MotoGP, alongside Honda. In contrast to the other Japanese manufacturer, Yamaha has a huge problem in its catching-up process: only the two bikes of the factory team are on the starting line. Ducati customers are therefore desperately trying to get them on board. The rumors are constantly changing, but there is also the possibility that the Japanese will once again compete with only the factory team in 2025. Who would want to swap a Ducati for an M1 right now?

Increase in Yamaha tests in response to no customer team

Star rider Fabio Quartararo is also aware of this possibility. At the Barcelona Grand Prix, he had a clear reaction in mind from Yamaha in the event of a customer team not showing up: “It wouldn’t be a disaster, but then it would be time to invest even more in the test program.”

Marc Marquez on Factory Ducati in 2025 thanks to Yamaha? (07:05 min.)

Thanks to the new MotoGP concessions, Yamaha can test significantly more, including with regular riders. But Quartararo and Alex Rins alone cannot manage the program in a long race calendar. Hence the Frenchman’s demand: “We would need another test rider, more bikes and more people. Of course, it would always be better to have a satellite team. But if that doesn’t happen, then I know that Yamaha understands that the tests need to be expanded.”

Fabio Quartararo convinces: Yamaha steps on the gas

Yamaha currently only has Cal Crutchlow under contract as a test rider. But the Brit is currently out with a hand injury. His planned wildcard in Mugello had to be cancelled. Although Yamaha is entitled to six wildcards, it will probably not be used for the first time until the middle of the season in Silverstone. Accordingly, a second test rider would have made a lot of sense as early as 2024.

Cal Crutchlow at the MotoGP shakedown in Sepang
Cal Crutchlow urgently needs another test driver colleague, Photo: LAT Images

The 2021 world champion is convinced that these conditions will soon change. A lot has already been put in motion. “Yamaha is working very hard. The way things are being done has completely changed,” praises ‘El Diablo’. He also gives a concrete example: “When the Kazakhstan race was postponed, they immediately organized two days of testing for us instead. And we’re not going there just to do laps. We’re doing it to try new things. We’re focusing on our problems.”

No focus on 2027: Yamaha also needs short-term improvement

In view of the new regulations from 2027, some are wondering whether Yamaha should even try to catch up with the huge gap to Ducati & Co. Wouldn’t it be better to pool all resources on course for 2027? Quartararo – contract until 2026 – does not think that’s the case. He is certain that this is what counts here and now: “We have to concentrate on the short and medium term first. If we improve now, it will also help us in the long term.” The top priority is of course still to find a customer team for 2025. But even without this, there will probably be a lot going on at Yamaha.

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