Father left the business, mother said goodbye to the government job, ‘Phool Kumari’ told why the parents took such a decision

New Delhi. ‘Laapta Ladies’, directed by Kiran Rao, has changed Nitanshi Goyal’s entire life. She has excelled in the role of Phool Kumari. Her acting is being discussed a lot. After its release on OTT Netflix, many Bollywood stars have praised ‘Laapta Ladies’. Recently, Nitanshi Goyal told that her parents have supported her a lot to make her an actress. Her father left the business and her mother left her government job so that she could fulfill her daughter’s dream of becoming an actress.

During an interview with Ranveer Allahabadia, Nitanshi Goyal revealed that she could not give her 11th class exam because she was busy promoting the film. She said, ‘I gave the exam later. During the exam, a teacher came to me and said, you have done a very good job. An invigilator present there said that let him complete his exam and then we will all talk to him, take selfies and tell him how good his film is.’

Nitanshi Goyal will appear for class 12th exam next year
Nitanshi Goyal further said, ‘Earlier I used to tell him that a film of mine is coming, but I cannot reveal much about it. Now that he is watching the film himself, I hope he will be proud of me. Right now I am in 12th class. I am studying commerce and will give board exams, which will be next year.’

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