Logan Sargeant wants to save his Formula 1 future at Williams: I still have many races!

How long does Logan Sargeant have left in Formula 1? In recent weeks, the Williams driver’s career has been given an early end date several times. Young talent Kimi Antonelli and Mick Schumacher are said to be contenders for his coveted seat. But Sargent wants to fight for his future in the premier class. He is already very close to the level he needs to show for that.

There is no doubt that the American is a shaky candidate. “I’m looking at about three options for 2025, 2026. It’s as simple as that,” revealed Williams team boss James Vowles last week in Imola. “When we are able to talk openly about it, which won’t be long now, we will do that.”

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However, Sargeant is not a mere spectator in this situation. “Right now we know we have to perform at our best,” said Vowles. “Logan has the control in his hands to ensure that he performs at this level. He can control that. I didn’t take that opportunity away from him. But it’s clear that we also have to talk to other drivers, and that’s what we’re doing also.”

Sargeant doesn’t want to hear about an early end to F1

Sargeant doesn’t want to be irritated by the ongoing conversations with other pilots who are interested in his seat with the traditional team. “At the end of the day I concentrate on my job,” assures the Williams driver. “I spend the time I need with the engineers. I look at my driving behavior and compare the data between the cars. At the end of the day, I’m here to drive and do my job as best as I can. That is what I do.”

With Lewis Hamilton moving to Ferrari in 2025, the ball started rolling early and the silly season quickly picked up speed. Something that also puts Sargeant under pressure. “I can’t control the timing,” he regrets. In the current season, the American has only had seven weekends to convince and yet he is still considered to be on the ropes.

Williams driver Alexander Albon in the pits
Sargeant wants to convince Williams, Photo: LAT Images

Sargeant doesn’t want to hear anything about the fact that there might not be many more chances in 2024. “I still have a lot of Grands Prix ahead of me and right now I’m focusing on this weekend,” he says. “I have a contract and I’m here to drive.”

Sargeant: I’m extremely close to the required level

Despite frequent criticism, Sargeant sees his season so far in a positive light. “I think there were good moments,” said the Williams driver. “I think I saw a big step forward. It’s just unfortunate that we’re in a difficult position with the car at the moment, but I think things are slowly moving in the right direction again.”

A clear requirement for Sargeant is to close the gap to teammate Alexander Albon. However, this was not yet foreseeable. “I think I have a chance to catch up with Alex every weekend,” says the American. “I think I have a chance this weekend too, but at the same time it’s difficult when there are some improvements for Alex.”

Albon always has priority when it comes to upgrades, so the two Williams drivers often drive different cars. “But ultimately the team knows the differences between the vehicles. Even if you don’t see it on the track, they can still calculate the difference.”

Sargeant wants to fight to stay in Formula 1 despite the impending expiration date. “Of course I want to stay,” said the pilot. “I believe I can reach the level I need to be at for that. So that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m already extremely close to the level I need to be.”

While Sargeant is nervous, Albon has already secured his future at Williams. Here you can read why the driver and team are counting on their continued cooperation:

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