2 South actresses had taken drugs in a rave party, police revealed after investigation, big secrets revealed in blood sample

Mumbai. Telugu actresses Hema and Ashi Roy have tested positive for drug in the Bengaluru rave party case. This rave party was organised near Electronics City in Bengaluru. According to Bengaluru city police commissioner B. Dayanand, blood samples of the people present at the rave party were sent for testing.

The latest reports of 59 men and 27 women have come positive. Both Hema and Ashi Roy were present in the party. Hema, who was detained by the police, made the excuse of going to the washroom to record a misleading video. The actress requested the police not to arrest her and keep her identity hidden.

Rave party was organized on 18th May
Let us tell you that a rave party was organized in Bengaluru on the special occasion of the birthday. This party was to start from 6 pm on 18th May and continue till 6 am on 19th May. About 250 people attended this party. Many intoxicants were consumed in the party. The police came to know about this. After which the police reached the spot and conducted a raid. In which the police also found ‘Ecstasy’ pills, cocaine and other drugs. Many people attending the party had chosen the path of escape. Many people attending this party were caught by the police. The police had conducted blood tests of the people attending the party. In which the reports of two South Indian actresses have also come positive.

59 men and 27 women confirmed to have taken drugs
Let us tell you that the police had taken blood samples of the people attending the party together. In which two actresses from South were also included. After receiving the blood sample report, the police said that the drug reports of 59 men and 27 women have come positive.

FIRST PUBLISHED : May 23, 2024, 20:51 IST

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