‘He did not understand anyone before himself’, Farida Jalal revealed about Rajesh Khanna, called the superstar arrogant

New Delhi. Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore’s film ‘Aradhana’ was the biggest hit of 1969. Farida Jalal also played an important role in this film. Farida started her career with this film. All the credit for the success of ‘Aradhana’ goes to Rajesh Khanna. Now, 55 years after the release of this film, Farida has called the late superstar ‘arrogant’.

While talking to Bollywood Bubble, Farida Jalal recalled the days of the film ‘Aradhana’. She told in the conversation that it was very difficult to work with Rajesh Khanna. According to the report, she said – By the time of the release of Aradhana, Rajesh had become a bit arrogant and after the success of ‘Aradhana’, his arrogance had increased even more and he did not consider anyone else before himself.

There were frequent fights
Farida revealed that she did not give as much importance to Rajesh as his other female fans, due to which the actor used to be a little angry with her. Therefore, there used to be frequent arguments between the two. She said- When I asked him to rehearse, he shouted and said how many rehearsals. I was new, I felt very bad and I said how can you talk like this and we had a fight.

later became friends
However, Farida gave all the credit for the success of ‘Aradhana’ to Rajesh and said that it was a very good film. She further said that when the film became a hit, they became good friends. Aradhana was running in theatres for 75 weeks. Due to this immense success, people used to call the entire team of the film in different cities and give us Diamond Jubilee Awards. During that time, her friendship with Rajesh grew.

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