The actress was in a bad condition after getting separated from her husband, she did not even have money to eat, she was dependent on every penny

New Delhi. TV actress Rinku Dhawan, who appeared as a contestant in Bigg Boss 17, needs no introduction today. She has won the hearts of the audience with her character in many TV shows. The actress was married to actor Kiran Karmarkar. But this marriage could not last long and both of them parted ways in the year 2017 itself.

Rinku Dhawan and Kiran both stayed together for 15 years but even after spending so much time in marriage, both of them got divorced. After separating from Kiran, Rinku’s life changed completely. There was such a downfall in her life, from which she herself could not recover. The actress suffered a lot and at such a time the actress did not even have work.

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When Rinku did not have work
While Rinku was struggling a lot in her personal life, her professional life was also not very good. At such a time, she was also struggling professionally. She did not even have work during this difficult time. Soon she became dependent on every penny. In an interview given to Tele Masala, Rinku Dhawan herself has revealed about this bad phase of hers. That after the separation, she did not have work for a long time.

There were no 10 rupees in the account
Putting her point forward, the actress said that during her struggling days, she also saw a time when she did not have even Rs 10 in her account. But there were so many responsibilities that she could not understand what to do, apart from this, the responsibility of the parents was also on her. There was a problem of money for cooking food and even buying things.

Let us tell you that Rinku Dhawan has been working in the acting world for 17 years. During these days of poverty, she also started getting into debt. But she did not lose courage. Rinku became very emotional while revealing this.

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