Director Shreyans talked about Gullak 4 series | Director Shreyans talked about Gullak-4 series: Said- The series shows the middle class as the hero, this will make the audience feel a sense of belonging

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‘Gullak is the story of a middle class family. Most of the viewers find themselves in this story. We have rarely seen the middle class as a hero, in Gullak we have shown the hero of the family and society. This is the reason why people are liking it.’ This is what Shreyansh Pandey, director of Gullak series, said. The fourth season of Gullak has been released on Sony Liv on June 7. Director Shreyansh Pandey spoke to Dainik Bhaskar about the making of Gullak. Read its interesting stories-

Gullak is the only OTT show which has had 4 seasons

Gullak is going to be the only OTT show whose fourth season is releasing. No other show has reached this milestone yet. When Gullak started in 2018, I was associated with the serial as a writer. Nikhil Vijay and Amit Raj Gupta directed it. Our goal was to make a family show. It was not that TVS did not have other family shows then, TVF had already made Tripling and Yeh Meri Family. These were also family shows. At that time too, we were asked the question that we have already made two family shows, so why do you want to make another family show? Then I said that the story of tier-2 or tier-3 cities is yet to be conveyed to the people. From there, the foundation of Gullak was laid.

Although the shooting took place in 15 days, work on its writing went on for a year

I come from Purvanchal, I have seen how much fun and sarcasm happens inside our house. Those stories were missing from OTT till then. Then we thought why not make a middle class family drama. The most important thing is that we shot it in very less time of 15 to 16 days. But we spent a year on its writing. When we made season 1, we never thought that we would sit and talk about season 4. There are only 5 episodes in the script, but even for so many episodes the script is within 150 to 200 pages.

After 5 years, new stories will be seen in Gullak’s story

It has been 5 years since Gullak. The story was different in the first season. The elder son was useless, the younger son was in business. Mishra ji was the only breadwinner. But just like the life of a middle-class family changes, the life of the Mishra family of Gullak has also changed. Now the elder son is working, the younger son is growing up. That is why this season has new challenges and new stories.

This season of Gullak is based on the theme of parenting

In Gullak, we have tried to give an example of parenting. In today’s times, parents hesitate to say anything to their children because they fear that the child may take some wrong step. May commit suicide or go into depression. I believe that this practice is not right. Since childhood, we have lived in an environment where my father could scold me openly. But today even parents have fear. In such a situation, you will find in Gullak that we have shown a good example of parenting, where a father can say anything to his son. Communication between parents and children is important, only then the atmosphere at home is also fun.

Series like Gullak relieves people from stress and tickles them

The secret of Gullak’s success is that in today’s times, stress has increased a lot. People are liking light content. Such content which can be watched with the family. Series like Gullak tickles us. Makes us happy from within and most importantly, it takes us back to our childhood. Another thing is that India resides in the Hindi heartland. But I feel that we have seen less stories of these cities. We have not seen many middle class heroes. But in Gullak, a middle class person is in the role of the hero. In such a situation, the audience sees themselves in it.

Shot for 30 days in Bhopal

We shot for more than 30 days, we shot in Bhopal itself. The name of the locality is Ibrahimpura. After that we shot in Sankat Mochan Hanuman temple of Professors Colony and then we showed the police station. For the first time in this season, Gullak has been shot in the cold, so how the middle class lives in the cold will be seen this season.

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