AICWA makes special appeal to film producers, asks them to postpone shooting on May 20, says – ‘Voting is everyone’s right…’

New Delhi: Thanks to the special initiative of ‘All India Cine Workers Association’, workers and artists associated with the cinema world will be able to cast their votes easily. In fact, he has appealed to all the production houses, channels and filmmakers of Hindi cinema to postpone any activity or work related to shooting on May 20 in Mumbai.

AICWA’s unique initiative will boost voting in Mumbai. In fact, workers busy with film shooting are often unable to vote, hence this initiative of AICWA is quite commendable. Voting is on 20th May in Mumbai. Keeping the voting in view, a special appeal has been made to the production house. He wrote in the letter, ‘On May 20, many voting stations will be set up in and around Mumbai. Thousands of workers and artists have contributed to Bollywood and they also have the right to vote.

AICWA’s initiative is commendable
The letter further reads, ‘When the shooting starts, it becomes difficult for the workers and artists to cast their votes, because many scenes need to be shot in a day. AICWA appeals to all Bollywood channels, producers and production houses to, if possible, postpone the shooting on May 20, so that all employees and artistes can cast their votes.

Administration also strict before voting in Maharashtra
Voting will be held on May 20 in major constituencies of Maharashtra, Mumbai, Palghar, Kalyan and Thane. It is noteworthy that as per the instructions of the Election Commission of India, ‘Dry Day’ will be observed in these constituencies from 5 pm on Saturday, May 18 to May 20 (5 pm). This means that during this period, there will be a ban on the sale of liquor in the constituencies, so that there is no disruption in the voting process. ,Input: Shriya)

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