1 decision gave a superhit film, the character went viral overnight, ‘Missing Ladies’ herself told her journey

Mumbai. Actor Bhaskar Jha, who debuted with the film ‘Lapata Ladies’, talked about his journey from Bihar to Mumbai. He also told how he was offered a role in this film. Talking about his journey, Bhaskar said that I am from Madhubani, Bihar, and I did my 9th from West Bengal.

In 2002, we moved to Delhi… In 2007, I did English Honors from Rajdhani College, from where I started doing theatre. After college, the actor joined a course in radio and television journalism and along with doing theatre, worked in Doordarshan regional channel with different content writing companies.

New career paths found through workshops

He said that during my time in Delhi, I also taught theater in different schools and colleges to earn a living. I kept going to Mumbai for clowning workshops with Rupesh Tillu and Ashwath Bhatt, but finally came to Mumbai during the shooting of ‘Laapta Ladies’. So overall, the journey has been a bumpy ride and still feels like a dream. Talking about how he got the film, he said that one of my friends Shivam Gupta told my name to Romil Modi and Ram Rawat who are the casting directors of ‘Laapta Ladies’.

Casting was done during the lockdown days

It was the time of lockdown, so I sent the self-test which Aamir Khan sir liked and once I got the green signal from the production team and Kiran Rao madam, I got a call for the role for which I am very grateful. Talking about the success of the film he said that it is amazing. People are recognizing me, so it is a good response. An artiste wants appreciation and I am getting it in abundance from the public and even from people in the industry. I am also getting offers from other projects, let’s see what happens next.

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