Sergio Garcia dominates at Le Mans and takes championship lead

Gala presentation of Sergio Garcia in the Moto2 race in Le Mans! The MT Helmets driver leads from the start in the French Grand Prix and can no longer be caught afterwards. In doing so, he also secures the lead in the World Cup. In the chaotic battle for the podium, Ai Ogura secured second place on the last lap ahead of Alonso Lopez and Joe Roberts. Aron Canet defies his ankle fracture and finishes in P6. Fermin Aldeguer, on the other hand, did not get past seventh place.

Moto2 in Le Mans: The racing film

The starting lineup: 1. Canet, 2. Roberts, 3. Garcia, 4. Arenas, 5. Lopez, 6. Gonzalez, 7. Guevara, 8. Agius, 9. Salac, 10. Arbolino, 11. Dixon, 12. Aldeguer, 13. Chantra, 14. Alcoba, 15. van den Goorbergh, 16. Baltus, 17. Ogura, 18. Ramirez, 19. Binder, 20. Masia, 21. Moreira, 22. Öncü, 23. Sasaki, 24. Munoz, 25. Cardelus, 26. Navarro, 27. Foggia, 28. Artigas

Begin: Sergio Garcia comes the best way, he takes the lead. Behind them are Joe Roberts, Manuel Gonzalez and Albert Arenas. Alonso Lopez is fifth ahead of Senna Agius. Aron Canet starts badly and loses many positions.

1 round: Garcia immediately drops the hammer at the front and is ahead by a good seven tenths of a second. Lopez takes over Arenas for fourth place, behind him Izan Guevara fights his way up to fifth place.

2nd round: Tough battles in the chasing field! After several attempts, Canet grabs Agius and is seventh again. Fermin Aldeguer, on the other hand, falls back to eleventh place.

In the penultimate corner, the double right turns 13 and 14, Gonzalez goes a little wide and loses two positions to Lopez and Gresini teammate Arenas. Only P5 for him.

3rd round: Barry Baltus crashes on turn 14 and is out.

4th round: Canet is trying to catch up. He sets the fastest lap and takes fifth place from Arenas, who had already fallen behind his teammate Gonzalez. Daniel Munoz crashes in turn six.

5th round: Canet’s next overtaking maneuver, he passed Gonzalez and is now fourth.

6th round: While Canet grabs third place from Lopez, Gonzalez crashes in the final corner! Zonta van den Goorbergh had previously taken off in Turn 8.

7th round: Hot three-way battle for second place! Canet attacks Roberts in turn 3, both go a bit wide. Lopez gets involved on the way to Turn 5, but is then pushed away by Canet. The pole sitter is now second, Roberts is third and Lopez remains fourth.

8th round: Canet can immediately pull away from Roberts and Lopez, but is already around 1.5 seconds behind the leader Garcia. Can he catch up with the MT Helmets pilot again?

10th round: Lopez pushes past Roberts with a hard maneuver in the penultimate corner and is now third.

11th round: Diogo Moreira comes back to the pits and has to give up.

12th round: Somkiat Chantra and Ai Ogura are on the rise. They conceded Arenas and Guevara, which left them in fifth and sixth place. Roberts and Lopez, who are in front of them, are not far away either.

13th round: Swap places between the two ex-teammates, Ogura overtakes Chantra in turn 3. Aldeguer follows suit behind him and takes seventh place from Arenas.

16th round: Things have calmed down. At the front, Garcia leads quite comfortably ahead of Canet, who has not been able to close the gap so far. Instead, there are now just under two seconds between the two leaders.

Another crash: This time from Xavier Artigas at the end of the 1st sector in turn 5.

18th round: Ogura is in fourth place, having passed Roberts in the penultimate corner.

19th round: Canet seems to be slowly running into physical problems. Lopez is right at his rear wheel.

20th round: It’s already happened: Lopez passes Canet in turn 8 for second place. Almost two and a half seconds are missing from the leader Garcia.

21st and final round: Lopez goes a bit wide in turn 3, Canet wants to counter. But he can’t get past, both drivers lose time. This suddenly means that Ogura, Roberts and Chantra are back in action.

22nd and final round: It will be chaotic in the fight for second place. Ogura becomes the big winner, he first grabs Canet and then Lopez. Roberts also collects both of them and takes third place, having pushed Canet off the track in turn 8.

Finish line: Garcia wins easily and secures the championship lead! Behind him, Ogura is actually second and Lopez is third, winning the sprint to the finish line against Roberts. Chantra crosses the line in fifth, Canet only in sixth. Aldeguer is seventh, Tony Arbolino is eighth. Arenas and Guevara complete the top ten.

Jeremy Alcoba finishes eleventh, followed by Filip Salac and Agius. The last two points spots go to Darryn Binder and Marcos Ramirez. Jake Dixon doesn’t get past 17th place.

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