Formula 1 career over for Kevin Magnussen? Race for the last places for 2025 is underway

Who will drive where in 2025? Slowly but surely, the driver field for the upcoming Formula 1 season is sorting itself out. Just last week there were three new pieces of news from the F1 driver market: Esteban Ocon is leaving Alpine, Sergio Perez is driving for Red Bull until 2026 and Yuki Tsunoda is staying with the Racing Bulls for at least another year. The places for 2025 are few and far between, so the air is getting thin for some candidates.

Magnussen without an F1 cockpit in 2025? Quite conceivable!

One of these candidates: Kevin Magnussen. Because a young candidate for the Haas cockpit in the form of Oliver Bearman is knocking on the door. With his much-acclaimed performance at the Saudi Arabia GP as a replacement for Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz and the successful training sessions he has already completed for Haas this season, the 19-year-old Ferrari junior is putting himself in an excellent position with the customer team. Lucky for Magnussen: A Haas cockpit will already be vacated by Nico Hülkenberg next season. The German is moving to Sauber.

Nevertheless, there are fears that the Dane could miss out on a seat in the 2025 draw because his team is going in a different direction. “Yes, that could well happen,” confirmed Magnussen. But that is not a reason for him to prove something: “The team knows me very well, I am a known quantity.”

But it is also a fact that in Formula 1 you are only as good as your last race and in the 2024 season luck has not necessarily been on Magnussen’s side. He has not been noticed for World Championship points so far, but rather for various incidents that have already earned the Haas driver a number of penalty points. Particularly frustrating for Magnussen this year: “The pace is there. Personally, I am coping much better with the car. I had a tough time with last year’s car – especially in qualifying. This year it seems to be easier.”

Haas driver Kevin Magnussen
Magnussen feels very comfortable in the Haas in 2024, but will he be allowed to drive his car next year?, Photo: LAT Images

Can Magnussen turn the season around in time and convince the team to stay with good results? He currently has just one point in his World Cup account, which is a pretty meager haul that is unlikely to be enough of an argument. Nevertheless, Magnussen is convinced of his way of doing things and the work of the team: “Every time we don’t get the result we wanted, we ask ourselves whether we could have done something differently. But under the circumstances, it almost always seemed as if we had done the right thing.”

Magnussen determined: My goal remains Formula 1!

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many drivers whose contracts expire in the same year. The driver market is very open,” says Magnussen, describing the most chaotic driver roulette of recent times. He himself would like to continue working with Haas: “I think the team is in a good position where there is a lot of hope for the team’s future. I would like to be a part of it.”

A deadline for finalizing Magnussen’s future? There is no such thing. But one thing is clear to him: “I want to be in Formula 1. That’s what I’m thinking about at the moment.” He will only consider a career as a racing driver outside of Formula 1 in due course, when all doors have closed for him.

If Magnussen stays in Formula 1 in 2025 and beyond, he will soon have to deal with new rules. Before the Canadian GP, ​​the FIA presented the new regulations. In this video, Christian explains what the 2026 cars will look like according to the current draft and why the FIA ​​expects better racing from this:

F1 rules 2026 revealed: This is what the future of Formula 1 looks like! (16:24 min.)

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