Alonso triumphs after tactical masterpiece

David Alonso writes Moto3 history! At the eleventh attempt, he is the first rider in the small class to win in Barcelona for the second time. He had already triumphed the previous year, no other rider has managed to do so. A tactical masterpiece also puts the Colombian from the CFMoto team in the lead in the World Championship, as Daniel Holgado could not get past sixth place. Ivan Ortola and Jose Antonio Rueda are on the podium, Noah Dettwiler is 21st.

Moto3 in Barcelona: The racing film

The starting line-up: 1. Ortola, 2. Veijer, 3. Rueda, 4. Furusato, 5. Yamanaka, 6. Alonso, 7. Munoz, 8. Fernandez, 9. Holgado, 10. Lunetta, 11. Nepa, 12. Bertelle, 13. Piqueras, 14. Kelso, 15. Esteban, 16. Roulstone, 17. Almansa, 18. Rossi, 19. Ogden, 20. Farioli, 21. Suzuki, 22. Buasri, 23. Zurutuza, 24. Dettwiler, 25. Carraro, 26. Whatley, 27. Aditama

David Munoz has to serve a long lap penalty, Taiyo Furusato even two.

Begin: Ivan Ortola gets off to a good start and is able to stay in front, but it is extremely close behind him. Daniel Holgado ultimately wins and is now second ahead of Collin Veijer and Munoz. David Alonso follows behind Furusato in sixth place. Jose Antonio Rueda is the big loser, he is now only in eighth place.

1 round: Munoz continues to be aggressive and fights his way up to second place, while Ortola is already pulling away slightly at the front.

2nd round: Munoz is already being passed again, Veijer, Furusato and Alonso pass him. Holgado in sixth place is also lurking.

3rd round: Furusato and Munoz turn into the long lap, which means they fall back and are now outside the top ten. At the front, Veijer and Alonso have caught up with and overtaken Ortola. As the lap progresses, Holgado also overtakes the pole sitter.

4th round: David Almansa crashes in turn five, but is able to resume the race.

5th round: Veijer is swallowed up by Holgado at the start/finish line, who takes the lead for the first time. Luca Lunetta also uses the slipstream and overtakes the Intact GP rider. Behind him, Furusato is already back in sixth place, the leading group extends to Riccardo Rossi in P18.

6th round: While Furusato is serving his second long lap penalty, Joel Kelso crashes out of the race right in front of him in Turn 1. Just three corners later, the race also ends in the gravel for Furusato, he crashes in Turn 4.

Rossi also crashes in the last sector after receiving a long lap penalty for exceeding the track limits.

7th round: Holgado continues to lead, with plenty of positions being swapped behind him. For the moment, Ortola is in second place ahead of Veijer, Munoz, Rueda, Lunetta and Alonso.

8th round: Ortola uses the slipstream at the start/finish line and takes first place again, behind him Veijer, Rueda, Alonso and Munoz also overtake Holgado as the lap progresses.

9th round: The next change of leadership takes place directly at the start/finish line, now Veijer takes command at the front ahead of Ortola. Behind him, Alonso pushes past Rueda into third place.

10th round: Ortola immediately counters and regains first place once again. Alonso also attacks Veijer, but cannot get past.

11th round: Veijer is already in the lead again, the Dutchman once again taking advantage of the slipstream at the start/finish line. Alonso follows suit and also passes Ortola, who also has to let Holgado pass in turn five.

In Turn 10, Holgado also takes second place from Alonso.

12th round: Alonso is at the front for the first time, thanks of course to the slipstream at the start/finish line. Ortola is second again, Veijer third and Holgado fourth again.

13th round: Alonso now picks up the pace at the front and the leading group splits into two parts. Ortola, Veijer, Holgado, Lunetta, Rueda and Munoz stay with them, while the remaining drivers around Adrian Fernandez from eighth place onwards fall behind.

15th round: Now Lunetta, Rueda and Munoz have also lost touch. Only Ortola, Veijer and Holgado can still keep up with Alonso.

16th round: Holgado now also has to let go and is in danger of falling back into the grip of Rueda and Munoz, who have almost caught up with the GasGas pilot again.

17th and penultimate round: It’s already happened: Rueda overtakes Holgado on the start/finish line. The KTM rider gives it his all and suddenly catches up with the leading trio. Behind him, Holgado also falls behind Munoz as the lap progresses.

18th and final round: Alonso is able to stay in front at start/finish, behind him Rueda Veijer takes third place.

Finish line: Alonso doesn’t let anyone take first place away from him, he wins in Barcelona! Ortola and Rueda are also on the podium, Veijer has to be content with fourth place. Munoz is fifth, Holgado ‘only’ sixth. Lunetta drives his best Moto3 race to date in seventh place, behind him Jacob Roulstone and Filippo Farioli win the chasing group.

Adrian Fernandez completes the top ten, Ryusei Yamanaka and Angel Piqueras follow in 11th and 12th place. The last points go to Stefano Nepa, Joel Esteban and Tatsuki Suzuki. Noah Dettwiler finishes in 21st place.

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