‘Will not do it for 6 months…’ Another statement by Shreyas Talpade after raising questions on Covid vaccine

Mumbai. Shreyas Talpade suffered a heart attack last year. He has undergone angioplasty. He is planning to refrain from accepting offers for action and intense drama roles until he recovers completely. Let us tell you, Shreyas had a heart attack on 14 December 2023. He had fallen in the house. He was admitted to the hospital and underwent angioplasty. He remained in the hospital for a week, then was discharged. These days Shreyas is moving ahead with the upcoming film ‘Kartam Bhugatam’.

Shreyas Talpade said in an interview to PTI, “There are some limitations right now because my recovery is still going on. My doctors said ‘6 more months and you’ll be as good as new.’ So, I will wait. But till then, there are some films that I am working on, which probably don’t have that kind of action sequences or high intensity drama sequences.”

‘I was tired even before the heart attack’, Shreyas Talpade raised questions on the Covid vaccine, said – ‘I don’t know what is in the body…’

Shreyas Talpade had earlier talked about his heart attack and said that it could be linked to the Covid-19 vaccine. In an interview given to Lehren Retro, he said that he was taking care of his health, yet he suffered a heart attack. He linked the heart attack to the effect of the vaccine and said that it cannot be ruled out.

Shreyas Talpade did not have any disease

Shreyas had said, “I do not smoke, I drink alcohol occasionally. I drink maybe once a month. Does not eat tobacco. Yes, my cholesterol was slightly elevated, which I was told was normal these days. I was taking medicine for this and it had reduced significantly. I had no sugar, no blood pressure, nothing, so what could be the reason?”

Shreyas Talpade raised questions on Covid vaccine

Shreyas Talpade said that despite taking good care of his health, if there is such a fear regarding health, then there must be some other reason. He said that he started feeling tired only after getting the vaccine.

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