Why was Anushka Sharma disappointed before the IPL finale? She could not control her emotions in front of the camera, there is a connection with Virat Kohli

New Delhi. Anushka Sharma is a famous Bollywood actress, but the world knows that she is Virat Kohli’s biggest cheerleader. She knows very well how to boost Virat’s morale in the stadium. But, before the IPL finale, something happened that broke Anushka’s heart. She could not control her emotions on camera, because the matter is related to Virat Kohli.

These days Anushka Sharma is seen in the stadium to watch the IPL match. She especially comes to watch the matches of Royal Challengers Bangalore. But, before the final of IPL 2024 on Wednesday, RCB’s journey has ended. When Virat Kohli’s dream was broken again, Anushka could not bear it.

Actually, on Wednesday there was a semi-final match between Virat’s team RCB and Rajasthan Royals. Anushka was in the corporate box of the stadium to support Virat. She was supporting Virat’s team from the stands at every big moment. But, Virat Kohli’s team was out of IPL after losing the qualifier match. With the defeat, RCB’s journey in IPL 2024 also ended.

While Virat Kohli became sad on the ground after losing, it was clearly visible on Anushka’s face in the stands. As soon as the match ended, sadness and disappointment were clearly visible on her face.

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