What did Rupali Ganguly say on the entry of stray dogs in Taj Hotel? She wrote a note for Ratan Tata, it started going viral

Mumbai. ‘Anupama’ fame Rupali Ganguly shared a post praising Ratan Tata. Recently, Rupali has praised the business tycoon a lot. Rupali was impressed by Ratan Tata’s strict rules for the stray dogs resting outside the Taj Mahal Hotel, the biggest and most famous hotel in the country and Mumbai. Actually, Ratan Tata has not stopped the entry of stray dogs in the Taj. They can come anytime. Rupali has shared a picture of Ratan Tata and a stray dog ​​sleeping at the entrance of the Taj Hotel on her Insta story.

On this picture, along with a heart and puppy footprints emoji, it is written that entry of dogs is free in Taj Hotel. This is a strict instruction of Ratan Tata. Rupali wrote in praise of Ratan Tata, “If anyone has a heart of gold, then it is him.. Very respectful, my ideal Ratan Tata.” She also included a bowing emoji with folded hands in her caption.

TV star Rupali Ganguly’s post comes after a photo of a dog sleeping peacefully at the entrance of the Taj Hotel went viral online. As soon as the post went viral, the hotel staff revealed that they were given strict instructions to treat animals well.

The person who shared the picture on LinkedIn was told by the employees, “There are strict instructions from Mr. Ratan Tata to treat these animals well when they enter the hotel complex.” Regarding the dog seen in the picture, the employee says that it has been living here since it was born.

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