TV actress Pavitra Jayaram died in a road accident, she was traveling by car with her sister-actor, the bus hit her.

Mumbai. Actress Pavitra Jayaram, who played the role of Tilottama in the television series ‘Trinayani’, died in a road accident on Sunday. The actress died on the spot in a horrific car accident near Mehboobnagar, Andhra Pradesh. The car went out of control and collided with the divider. Meanwhile, a bus coming from Hyderabad to Wanaparthy collided with the right side of the car. This accident happened while returning to Hanakere in Mandya district of Karnataka. She was traveling with her sister Apeksha, driver Srikant and actor Chandrakant. The news of his death has created a wave of mourning in the TV industry.

According to media reports, Pavitra’s cousin Apeksha, driver Srikanth and actor Chandrakant were seriously injured in this incident. This accident has shaken the entertainment industry. Many people from the industry have expressed grief over his demise.

FIRST PUBLISHED: May 13, 2024, 09:48 IST

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