Sargun Mehta got the idea while learning stock market trading, she created a show which will tell the story of women traders

New Delhi. Well-known small screen actress Sargun Mehta is soon coming up with a brand new show. She is the producer of the upcoming serial ‘Badal Pe Paanv Hai’. Sargun Mehta’s show ‘Badal Pe Paanv Hai’ is based on a very unique concept. The story of women traders is depicted in this show. Recently, actress and producer Sargun Mehta has talked about her upcoming show.

Sargun said, ‘I wanted to learn stock market trading for a very long time, and all my friends, my father, my brother and now even my sister-in-law do stock trading. When I was learning about stocks, this idea came to my mind and I started thinking why I want to do this and what kind of people trade in the stock market.’

She further says, ‘That’s when I got the idea of ​​Bani’s character. Not only is it different from all my shows, it is also different from all TV shows. First of all, it is a completely different world. For a long time, women used to do only sewing or cooking because there were less career options for them. So, whatever skills they had, whatever they learnt… they turned it into a career.’

Sargun Mehta further said, ‘Today’s generation is not bound by any particular skill. They have opened new career paths for themselves. Today women are doing every work, then why not trading in the stock market?’ Regarding the character of Bani played by actress Amandeep Sidhu, Sargun said, ‘The concept of this character is largely based on how I was brought up and how my mother is. We are people who really dream big. Therefore, this show is the story of a girl who is questioning all those who say that ‘this is our fate, and we are happy with it’. She challenges that social norm.

On casting Amandeep Sidhu for the role of Bani, Sargun said, ‘When we saw Amandeep’s first audition, I instantly connected with him. When we did a mock shoot with him, my director and I were 100 percent convinced to cast him. Although I had not met Amandeep till then, when I met him for the first time and narrated some scenes to him, I saw a different sparkle in his eyes.’

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