Ranveer Singh met Mukesh Khanna in a hurry, the meeting was about ‘Shaktimaan’?

New Delhi. Ranveer Singh is in news these days for many reasons. On one hand, he is going to welcome his first child with his loving wife Deepika Padukone. Yesterday, the news of their rumored breakup had troubled their fans. However, now Ranveer is in news for his work. It is being said that he met actor Mukesh Khanna for the pending film Shaktimaan.

Amidst all this, Ranveer was seen in Kandivali East, Satyam Housing Society. Where he met Mukesh Khanna. Now, from this video of Ranveer that has surfaced, speculations are being made that Ranveer tried to resolve all the grievances by personally meeting Mukesh Khanna.

For the past several days, there were reports that Ranveer Singh will play the lead role in a film based on the 90s hit show Shaktimaan. However, actor Mukesh Khanna became angry with the film makers by expressing his objection on his casting. He had completely rejected these reports and said that these reports are false. If media reports are to be believed, the makers will make ‘Shaktiman’ through heavy VFX. Its budget is around Rs 300 to 350 crores. However, no specific information has been revealed yet in this regard.

Let us tell you that in the 90’s, Mukesh Khanna aka ‘Shaktiman’ used to be the superhero of children. At that time, this show coming on TV was also ahead in the TRP race. Whenever someone was in trouble, he would come dressed in red and hover in the air to seek help from powerful people. Mukesh Khanna also played the character of ‘Gangadhar’ in the same show. Mukesh Khanna’s popularity was tremendous in both the forms. So much so that even today people remember him for this role.

FIRST PUBLISHED: May 22, 2024, 17:35 IST

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