Rakhi Sawant admitted in hospital. Rakhi Sawant admitted to hospital: tumor in stomach, kidney failure and heart problem, ex-husband Ritesh Singh said – investigation of cancer is going on.

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Rakhi Sawant has been admitted to a hospital in Mumbai due to her ill health. According to her ex-husband Ritesh Singh, her condition is very serious. In an interview given to Dainik Bhaskar, Ritesh told that Rakhi is facing many serious diseases simultaneously. According to Ritesh, generally Rakhi’s words are not taken seriously. But, this time the situation is not right.

Rakhi has a problem with her kidney and heart.

Regarding Rakhi’s illness, Ritesh said, ‘According to the doctor, Rakhi has swelling in her stomach. Kidney has also been damaged. Not only this, he also has a heart problem. Doctors have done tests. But, the reports of all the tests have not come yet. Sonography report has arrived, in which the size of the tumor appears to have increased significantly. Doctors are now investigating whether this tumor is cancerous or not. Overall, the situation is not right.

Rakhi is going through mental and physical pain

According to Ritesh, Rakhi has been going through a lot of mental and physical pain in the last one year. He further said, ‘Rakhi expresses her views with a smile, that is why people do not take her seriously. He has been beaten many times. He told people about this, but no one believed him.

People thought she was joking. I know she is right. His health has been affected. Now his life is at stake. People should understand that no matter what his nature is, he is also a human being. Right now we are just waiting for his recovery. After this we will see further.

Rakhi’s financial condition is not good

During the conversation, Ritesh told that Rakhi’s financial condition is not good at present. She herself handles the expenses of the entire household. However, the amount of medical bills which he is paying himself has not increased yet.

fans And users Of Came mix reaction

Rakhi Sawant’s pictures from the hospital are going viral on social media. Seeing his photos, fans and users are getting mixed reactions. Some users are praying for his safety. One user wrote, ‘Man, it is a different matter as it is, but no one should go to the hospital.’

There are many users who are calling Rakhi’s visit to the hospital a drama. Users say that recently Rakhi was seen roaming in Mumbai, her condition today is quite shocking.

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