Questions raised on the age difference, Arbaaz Khan’s wife Shura broke the silence after 5 months of marriage, said this big thing

New Delhi. Arbaaz Khan and Shura Khan are enjoying their married life to the fullest these days. The couple got married in December last year. Although the couple kept their relationship a secret before marriage, but now they openly shower love on each other. Recently, Shura Khan did an Ask Me Anything session on her Instagram handle. During this, she gave a befitting reply to a question on the age difference between her husband Arbaaz and her.

During the Ask Me Anything session, a user asked Shura Khan about the age difference and height of her husband Arbaaz Khan. In response to this, she said, ‘Arbaaz Khan is 5.10 feet, I am 5.1 feet and age is just a number’. According to the information, Arbaaz Khan is 56 years old while his wife Shura Khan is 35 years old. During the session, Shura Khan told that Arbaaz Khan was the first one to propose to her. Shura told that the first date was so good that they immediately decided to get married.

Arbaaz Khan’s wife Shura Khan’s answer on age gap. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@sshurakhan)

Arbaaz Khan broke his silence on the age difference
Earlier, Arbaaz Khan had talked about the age gap between him and Shura Khan. During an interview with the Indian Express, he said, ‘My wife is much younger than me, but it is not like she is 16 years old. She knew what she wanted in her life and I knew what I wanted in my life. It is not that we were not aware of this or we hid it from each other.’

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