Neither Sholay, nor Dangal, nor RRR, this 1971 film had earned Rs 1300 crores, broke records again after 8 years of its release.


‘Sholay’ is that film in Hindi cinema, when people mention it even today, the heart melts into tears. The film created a special place in the history of cinema, which no one has been able to break till date. Many films have created records at the box office by making excellent collections. But do you know which film had done wonders before Sholay by earning Rs 1300 crores? Before ‘Sholay’, a film was released, whose tickets were sold more than the all-time blockbuster film starring Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra released in 1975. There was neither Amitabh nor Shatrughan Sinha nor Vinod Khanna nor Dilip Kumar or Dev Anand in this film. Let us tell you which film was that which came out about 53 years ago…

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