Malaika asked for a gift on Mother’s Day, son Arhaan said – ‘Sold your clothes’, read full Whatsapp chat

New Delhi. Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and on this occasion all the Bollywood stars wished their mothers in different ways. While most of the stars were seen getting emotional remembering their mother on the special occasion, Malaika Arora’s son Arhaan wished her in such a way that social media users were surprised. These days, the WhatsApp chat of this mother and son is becoming quite viral. So come on, let us tell you what the whole matter is-

Actually, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Arhaan Khan has shared the WhatsApp chat of his mother Malaika Arora on social media. In this chat, Arhaan wishes his mother a Mother’s Day, on which Malaika asks him what gift should he bring for her? In response, Arhaan says, ‘I have sold your clothes’. On this Malaika said that okay now bring some gift for me with this money.

(Photo courtesy-instagram@iamarhaankhan)

At the end of this chat, Arhaan also says that now I will buy some gift for you with this money and then he said that both of them are of similar mind and think alike. Social media users are left laughing after reading this chat between mother and son.

(Photo courtesy-instagram@iamarhaankhan)

Last month, Malaika Arora participated in Arhaan Khan’s talk show ‘Dumb Biryani’. On this show, Malaika had said that Arhaan Khan is completely like his father and sometimes she herself gets surprised as to how there is so much similarity between the two.

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