‘Keep your film and go away’, actress, Sridevi’s former onscreen friend, got angry at the director’s absurd condition

New Delhi. The actress who has worked in both films and TV has worked in many hit films in her career. This actress, who has sometimes been seen in the role of the lead star’s sister and sometimes the lead actress’ friend, got a chance to play the lead role in a South film. But the actress rejected this film due to one condition.

This actress, who graduated from the National School of Drama (NSD), entered the film world in 1989 with a film after which she got a big recognition. In her career, this actress has played strong characters in many hit TV shows and films. Her tremendous acting makes her different from everyone else, but it was not easy for her to survive in this industry.

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When the director made an absurd demand
The talented actress who debuted with Sridevi’s film Chandni is Mita Vashisht. Recently, Mita made a shocking revelation in an interview to Bollywood Hungama. The actress told that once she was offered the lead role in a South film. But when she met the director, he put forward an absurd condition. The actress said, ‘He put a condition in front of me that I should stay with him for two months. But I did not compromise and said keep your role and go away’. At that very moment I rejected that offer.

The actress could not understand the director’s words first
Putting her point forward, Mita said, ‘Initially, the actress’s English was not very good. She thought that the director was asking her to stay in Chennai to learn the language. But when she came to know that he was asking her to compromise, she became suspicious and without thinking, she immediately rejected this offer. However, that director’s actress was winning awards in that era. She also told that she mostly used to work on her own terms.

Let us tell you that Mita Vashisht played the role of Sridevi’s friend in Yash Chopra’s film ‘Chandni’ in the year 1989. People have not forgotten her chemistry with Sridevi in ​​this film even today.

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