How did AR Rahman become a great musician? The legend narrated his story and told the ‘guru mantra’ to be successful

New Delhi: AR Rahman garnered a lot of praise for the album ‘Amar Singh Chamkila’. Musician AR Rahman recalled an incident when he had to face a challenging situation professionally and personally. Sharing a very personal story with IANS, Rahman said that before becoming a musician, it was around 1986-1987, when he was working on music for a film, his sister fell seriously ill and Rahman had to work in the studio on a tight deadline.

AR Rahman told IANS, ‘It was 1986 or 1987 when I was working on composing music for a film for the first time. One of my sisters fell seriously ill. My producer had budget issues and I had to finish the project by 5 pm and my mother called me and told me about my sister’s illness.’

When AR Rahman reached the hospital to meet his sister
When asked about the title of the film, Rahman said that he does not remember it properly. It has been almost 40 years. He said, ‘I thought, my mother is really sensible, she will handle the situation. I said just a few more hours, let me finish the work.’ The musician said that after completing his work, he went straight to the hospital to meet his sister. He said, ‘Thank God, she was fine.’

Complete the task even if you don’t feel like it
Rahman learned a lesson from his experience. He said, ‘As an artist, you always face situations when you are not ready to move forward in the work, but you have to move forward.’ The musician further said, ‘Sometimes you are working on a happy song, but your mood can be very sad and sometimes you are very happy but you have to work on a sad song. You have to divide your mind into different parts and complete the work.’

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