When the proposal was given to the TV channel, the story was stolen, Imran Khan said- ‘I tried a lot to meet but…’

New Delhi: Actor Imran Khan recently revealed how one of his stories was stolen by a television channel executive. Imran Khan said that he returned to India after completing his studies in 2005. He aspired to become a director and writer. But initially acting was not on his mind. He made a folder of his stories and went to give a proposal to a television channel without telling anyone.

Imran Khan told ‘Humans of Bombay’, ‘The channel appreciated his ideas, but they never spoke to him again. Then one day an actress friend of his told him that he had been cast in a role whose story was very similar to the outline of the script he had shown.’

The script matched Imran’s story
The actor further said, ‘I went to meet them and when they gave me the script, it had a lot of similarity with the outline of my story. So, they agreed to my point and talked about the proposal to make it an episode. I tried to contact them by calling, but could never contact them to ask what did you guys do with it?’

Imran Khan got a big lesson
This experience not only changed Imran Khan, but he also met Abbas Tyrewala. The actor later worked with him in his first film ‘Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na’. Imran Khan decided to give a screen test for a film thinking that if he succeeds as an actor, his name will be recognized. He will be able to make films of his choice by taking advantage of his acting credentials. Let us tell you that Imran Khan was away from the limelight for some time. Actually, he was upset with the turmoil going on in his personal life with his wife and he was also not getting the projects of his choice.

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