Has Urfi Javed gone bald? Netizens were surprised to see this condition of the actress, one said- Mentally disturbed

New Delhi: Urfi Javed may not be seen in any film or serial but remains at the top in the limelight. She attracts paparazzi’s attention every day for her strange and poor fashion. Meanwhile, a photo of him without hair has surfaced which people are surprised to see. In such a situation, what should we understand whether Urfi Javed has gone bald? This question is in everyone’s mind because the actress took a selfie from her car on Monday, May 13 and in it she is seen in a bald avatar. Interesting thing is that the picture is going viral from Urfi’s own account due to which the fans were surprised, but has Urfi Javed really gone bald?

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Urfi had either used a filter or badly photoshopped her picture as a part of her hair was visible near her shoulders. Whatever the case, this bald image of Urfi Seeing this, people are expressing surprise and making tremendous comments. Although let us tell you that Urfi has not gone bald, but she has created a stir on the internet with this image and has shocked her fans. Seeing the photo, one user wrote, ‘Filter is installed’, another user said, ‘Oh my God, what happened, how did this happen.’ Another user commented and wrote, ‘Fake editing’, another user wrote, ‘Takli Urfi.’ One user wrote, ‘Explain this filter please.’ Another said, ‘I hope it’s just a filter.’ Another person said, ‘Whtfff wowhhh did you actually do that?’ Another said, ‘The filter is showing the hair in the back.’ One even called him mentally disturbed.

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