Has Salman Khan gone bald? Shirtless picture in bald look went viral on the internet, seen with Hrithik Roshan

New Delhi: Salman Khan is currently making headlines for his personal and professional life. He is one of the biggest superstars of the country but in recent years none of his films have been found very impressive by the fans. Therefore, his fans are still keeping an eye on his upcoming films. Meanwhile, an old picture of the actor has gone viral on Reddit in which he is in a bald look and is seen posing with Hrithik Roshan. Now in the picture going viral, Salman Khan can be seen giving a serious pose in front of the camera, as he is showing his bald look. In the picture, Salman is seen wearing a leather jacket over a shirt. She completed her look by wearing jeans and in the photo, Hrithik Roshan can also be seen in a black tank top with matching pants.

Fans’ reactions to Salman’s bald look
By the way, let us tell you that this is neither from any upcoming film of Salman nor from the films released in recent years. Rather, it is a throwback photo which has now caught people’s attention and they are commenting enthusiastically on the photo. Seeing the photo, a user wrote, ‘He has a face card, so anything works on him.’ Another said, ‘He overpowers Hrithik here, it’s hard to do!’ One user commented, ‘Vin Diesel of Bandra.’ One fan said: ‘I was wondering what was around his belt.’

FIRST PUBLISHED: May 16, 2024, 11:56 IST

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