Gullak Season 4: Mishra family is coming to tickle, makers announced the new season, Bittu’s mother was seen dancing once again

New Delhi, ‘The Viral Fever’ (TVF) is known for series like ‘Panchayat’, ‘Kota Factory’, ‘Aspirants’, ‘Hostel Days’ and ‘Pitchers’. These days TVF’s ‘Panchayat 3’ is in the headlines. The audience is eagerly waiting for the release of this web series. Amidst all this, ‘The Viral Fever’ has announced the fourth season of another popular series ‘Gullak’. ‘Gullak 4’ is ready to release soon.

‘The Viral Fever’ announced ‘Gullak 4’ by sharing a video on social media Instagram. While sharing this video, the makers write, ‘Get ready to see new stories from the Mishra family’s house’. Since the announcement of ‘Gullak 4’, there has been tremendous enthusiasm among the audience. This is the first big Indian web series whose fourth season has been announced.

FIRST PUBLISHED: May 19, 2024, 15:09 IST

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