‘Gullak 4’ Web Series Review: The story of the Mishra family returns with laughter and emotion

For the last several days, I was getting calls from people continuously, someone was asking – when is the fourth season of the web series ‘Gullak’ coming? Then someone asked – has the fourth season of ‘Gullak’ come? From this you can yourself guess how much craze there was among the people about the release of ‘Gullak 4’. Well, its fourth season has been released now and it can also be seen on Sony Live. By the way, when the third season of ‘Panchayat’ came, many people were also seen sad, because it was released on Tuesday and many people were not able to watch it due to work commitments, because it was released much before the weekend.

At the same time, the fourth season of ‘Gullak’ has been released at a very good time, due to which people are very happy that they will finish this season this weekend. By the way, I was also very excited to watch its fourth season and when I started the first episode of season 4, it lived up to my expectations. Let me tell you, the ‘Gullak’ series is a pure story of a middle class family, in some episode of which you will definitely be able to relate yourself. So come, let us tell you how is this season of ‘Gullak’.

You will definitely get to see something new in the story of the Mishra family, but all the four members of the Mishra family will look the same as before. When you start watching the fourth season, you will feel as if you have just finished its third season and have started watching the fourth season. What I mean to say is that all the seasons of this series have been presented in such a way that there is no break in the story. Well, in the fourth season, both the sons of Santosh Mishra (Jameel Khan) and his wife Shanti Mishra (Geetanjali Kulkarni) are shown growing up.

Mishra ji’s elder son Anand Mishra aka Anu (Vaibhav Raj Gupta) has got a job and has now become an MR (Medical Representative). While his younger son Aman Mishra (Harsh Mayer) is showing interest in literature, a big crisis has come upon the Mishra family. Actually, Nazar Nigam has handed them a notice, which is a show cause notice. Now you must be wondering what kind of notice is this? So let us tell you. Nazar Nigam says that the house in which the Mishra family is living is not built on the basis of their map.

Now the Mishra family is very worried about this. In the fourth season, fun, emotion and drama have been woven together in a very wonderful way. I hope this weekend is going to be great for all of you, because the tinkling sound of ‘Gullak 4’ will not let you sleep after watching this series.

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