‘Do yoga-meditate…’ Kangana Ranaut gets angry at the supporter of the CISF woman who slapped her, calls him a criminal mind

Mumbai. Kangana Ranaut has targeted those who supported the CISF female soldier in the slapping incident. She has written a long note against those who supported the female soldier. Kangana has described the supporters as having a criminal attitude and asked if they would have any problem with someone’s rape or murder. Kangana wrote on X, “Every rapist, murderer or thief always has a strong emotional, physical, psychological or financial reason to commit the crime.”

Kangana Ranaut further wrote, “No crime happens without a reason. If you are with the criminals, then you are emotionally with those who violate the laws of the country. Remember that if you agree to enter someone’s intimate zone, touch their body without their permission and attack them, then you are actually agreeing to rape or murder as well.”

Kangana Ranaut’s post.

Kangana Ranaut further wrote, “Because this is also stabbing. You should think deeply about your psychological crime tendencies. I suggest you please do yoga and meditation, otherwise life will become a bitter and burdensome experience, don’t keep so much resentment, hatred and jealousy, free yourself.”

Let us tell you, actress-turned-MP Kangana Ranaut was going to New Delhi on June 6, when a CISF woman constable posted on duty at Chandigarh airport slapped her. The woman’s name is Kulwinder Kaur. She was unhappy with Kangana’s remarks on the women of Punjab during the farmers’ agitation against the three agricultural laws.

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