Dia Mirza’s step daughter has not called the actress ‘Mother’ till date, her own son also calls her, the reason is hard to believe

New Delhi. Actress Dia Mirza got married for the second time in the year 2021 with businessman Vaibhav Rekhi. Shortly after the marriage, in May 2021, the actress gave birth to her son, but even before the birth of the son, Dia Mirza had become a mother. The actress is the stepmother of her husband Vaibhav Rekhi’s daughter Samaira. Although Dia Mirza shares a very good bonding with her step daughter Adara, but during a special conversation with News18 Shosha on the occasion of Mother’s Day, the actress told that her step daughter Adara does not call her mother.

Film ‘Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein’ fame actress Dia Mirza says, ‘She (Samaira) does not call me mother. I don’t have any expectation from him that he should call me mother or mummy. She has a real mother whom she calls mother or mummy. She calls me by my name only and because of her my son Avyaan also calls me by name many times. He often calls me Diya Maa which I find very funny.

When the actress’s son said mother for the first time
During this, the actress also shared the incident when her son called her mother for the first time. Dia Mirza told that her son’s first word was ‘tiger’ and he called her mother several months after he started speaking. Diya says, ‘I can never forget that day. He started calling me mummy much later. That was a very beautiful moment. New flowers were blooming in the pots and he was in my lap.

The ‘Thappad’ actress further said, ‘I was holding Avyan in my lap and showing him butterflies when suddenly mother came out of his mouth. Coincidentally, my husband had a camera in his hand at that time and he was recording that entire moment, it was a very beautiful moment.

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