‘David Dhawan is a selfish person’, a famous filmmaker reveals, said- ‘Govinda left many of my films on his behest’

New Delhi. Famous filmmaker Pahlaj Nihalani has made many shocking claims about Govinda and David Dhawan. Govinda and David’s pair was famous in the 90s. Together, they have given many superhit films at the box office, including ‘Raja Babu’, ‘Coolie No.1’, ‘Hero No.1’ and ‘Bade Miyan Chote Miyan’. By the way, Govinda was introduced to Bollywood as an actor by Pahlaj Nihalani and he made films like ‘Shola Aur Shabnam’ and ‘Aankhen’ with him, which proved to be big hits at the box office.

Pahlaj Nihalani has made many films with Chunky Pandey and Govinda in the beginning of his career. During an interview with Siddharth Kannan, the filmmaker said, ‘I am very close to Chunky. We keep talking, but my relationship with Govinda was never like that. I have made 3-4 films with him. Two got stopped. One was Bhai Bhai. Which had started, but due to some dispute, because Govinda was naive, he did not come for the shooting. Then I made a film with Samrat Mukherjee and Manik Bedi. That’s why I never had friendship with Govinda.’

Helped Govinda every time
The filmmaker further said, ‘Whenever he had a problem, he came to me. Then I made a film with him, even if it was an accusation. When he was looking for work, I introduced him to a big film. He did not have work, so I gave him the film Sholay Aur Shabnam. It became a hit, but then he started going through bad times, so he came to me again. Within four days, without any director, I started working with him on the film Aankhen.’

Govinda and Pahlaj Nihalani. (Photo courtesy: Instagram@pahlajnihalani)

Pahlaj Nihalani further said that David Dhawan is a very selfish man who only climbs the stairs of others. He claimed that Govinda was manipulated by David Dhawan. Pahlaj Nihalani said, ‘I still don’t know what exactly he (David Dhawan) said, due to which Govinda never came to the sets of Bhai Bhai, while the whole team was waiting for him in Hyderabad. From here the misunderstanding between Govinda and me increased further. Govinda had become very superstitious. Sometimes he would suddenly fall ill after seeing a particular color, after seeing someone’s face. On the advice of David Dhawan, Govinda had stopped the film Avatar.’

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