Babil Khan trolled for his ‘strange’ behavior with a woman, gave a befitting reply to the people – ‘I have been brought up like this’

New Delhi: When Babil Khan behaved too nicely with a girl at an event, people started trolling him by calling him ‘overacting’. However, Irrfan Khan’s son found people’s criticism useless. Instead of remaining silent, he decided to answer. The actor said that no matter how he behaves, he is not a liar.

In the viral video, Babil Khan is seen apologizing for coming between the camera and an unknown girl at an event. As soon as the actor reached the event, he turned to the photographer, but he did not pay attention to the girl standing behind, whose photo was being clicked. When the actor realized this, he immediately stepped aside and started apologizing for not paying attention to her.

In the video you can see that Babil Khan is embarrassed and apologizing to the girl several times. He says, ‘Forgive me ma’am.’ The girl is seen trying to calm him down. Soon after the video went viral, while many people started praising Babil’s behavior, some people were criticizing him by calling it overacting.

FIRST PUBLISHED: May 15, 2024, 12:34 IST

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