Anupama: Vanraj will betray again, Anupama will be shocked to hear the truth about Anuj

New Delhi. On one hand, Anupama wants a new beginning for her son Toshu. On the other hand, Toshu is still full of his pride. He is going to put Anupama in trouble once again. Because of this, Anupama will be ridiculed not only in India but all over the world. If anyone is the happiest among all these, then that person is Anupama’s ex-husband Vanraj. However, amidst all this, an update has come out regarding the show ‘Anupama’.

According to the report of, in the upcoming episode it will be seen how excited Anupama makes all the preparations in the night itself to make her daughter Aadhya’s birthday wonderful and will surprise her. She will take the help of Anuj for this decoration. However, Aadhya does not want Anupama to attend her birthday party.

Aadhya hates Anupama
Aadhya warns Anuj. According to the report, Anuj now wants to clear Anupama’s misunderstanding. Anuj will tell Aadhya that she still hates Anupama and does not want to see her face. Now how will Anupama react to this? It will be very interesting to see what happens next in the show.

Kavya will expose

Apart from this, Kavya will further plan to expose Vanraj. According to the report, Kavya will steal the key from Vanraj’s pocket and open the door. Kavya wants to expose Vanraj’s evil actions as to why he wants to break Tapish and Dimpy’s marriage. Along with this, she will save Tapish from getting exposed. She will seek help from Anupama to inform about Vanraj’s actions to break Tapish and Dimpy’s marriage.

FIRST PUBLISHED: May 22, 2024, 16:27 IST

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