Anupama is entangled in the marriage, will Vanraj’s cunning plan give a befitting reply? The story of the serial is going to be interesting

Mumbai. In the world of TV, the king of TRP serial ‘Anupama’ and its story are being liked by the people. Anupama’s life and her characters entertain people a lot. Anupama is abroad these days and is preparing for marriage.

Anupama is preparing to attend Dimpy’s wedding, the show’s favorite character. But Vanraj is against this and is preparing to respond with his cunning plan. Along with Anupama, Anuj also wants to attend this wedding and expresses his desire. Despite facing people’s dislike, Anupama wants to attend this wedding for the happiness of Dimpy and Titu.

Dimpy will cancel the wedding
The story of the serial is getting interesting day by day. Anupama is preparing for Dimpy’s wedding. Here Baa and the Shah family are in doubt whether Anupama is coming to India to attend the wedding. Dimpy even says that if Anupama does not come to the wedding, she will not marry. Hearing this, the face of Vanraj standing nearby becomes worth seeing.

Vanraj also tells Dimpy that if Anupama does not come to your wedding then you should not cancel the wedding. Vanraj says that I can tolerate Anupama for Dimpy’s happiness. If Anupama comes to the wedding then I will have no problem. But Vanraj does not really want this.

Anupama is the king show in the TRP world
In the world of TV, the show Anupamaa remains on top in terms of TRP. The special thing about this serial is that it is liked by people of all ages. The story of the serial is also very interesting. There is a lot of craze among the people about it. The actors playing important roles in the show have also got a lot of fame through it. This show has also added to the stardom of actress Rupali Ganguly who plays the character of Anupamaa in the show.

FIRST PUBLISHED : May 30, 2024, 21:20 IST

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