Amidst rumors of breakup with Arjun Kapoor, Malaika Arora’s selfie with Disha Patani’s boyfriend goes viral

New Delhi: Rumors of Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor’s breakup are attracting people’s attention. Although the actress’s manager called these claims baseless, fans are surprised to see Malaika Arora’s photo with another man. Actually, the name of the man seen in the photo is Alexander. He has been seen with Disha Patani many times. People consider him to be Disha Patani’s boyfriend. He was also seen with Hardik Pandya’s wife recently.

Alexander has shared a throwback photo with Malaika Arora on his Instagram story. Interestingly, he did this when Malaika Arora is in the news due to her breakup with her boyfriend. The man first came into the public eye when people saw him hanging out with Disha Patani. He had Disha Patani’s face tattooed on his arms, but Disha Patani has always called him her friend, but netizens consider him Disha’s boyfriend. Pinkvilla reported on May 31 that Malaika and Arjun have separated.

(Photo courtesy: Instagram@iamaleksandarilic)

The news of breakup is false
Malaika Arora’s manager has denied the rumours of their breakup. In a conversation with India Today, he told that the actress is still dating Arjun and all the news claiming their breakup are fake. The actress also shared a post on Instagram amidst the breakup rumours, which does not indicate that they have broken up. Rather, she is talking about close relationships. She writes, ‘For us, the biggest wealth on earth is the people who love and support you. They can neither be bought nor replaced. There are two or four such people in everyone’s life.’

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