‘Ae Lalana Hind Ke Sitara…’ This song from ‘Panchayat-3’ is popular even among those who don’t understand Bhojpuri, know its meaning


Sohar is going viral as a song from webseries Panchayat Series 3There is a very old tradition of singing Sohar on the occasion of birth Pt. Chhunnulal and Rajan Maharaj have also been singing Sohar

jury A Sohar song is becoming very popular in the third season of the web series. However, a version of this song was already very popular in UP and Bihar. A lot of reels were made on this, but this time even those who cannot speak or understand Bhojpuri are listening to it with interest. The lyrics of the song are – ‘Such a charming and auspicious figure, you have a beautiful face, Oh my king, Oh my king…. This is what is needed, the time is beautiful, our people will celebrate Babua’s birthday, Nanana, this girl will be the DM, this girl, the star of India, will be the CM and above him will be the PM….” Song and music is a pleasure beyond language. Therefore there is no need to search for the meaning. I enjoyed it so it was fun. I heard the song.

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Mamta ki melody
The song is on the tune of Sohar, a Bhojpuri song. Sohar is sung on the occasion of the birth of a child. Hence, affection is naturally present in it. The child’s relatives and women from the neighbourhood welcome the child through their songs and wish for his/her bright future. They congratulate the parents and grandparents. The music in these songs sung in unison is of love and affection. The sound of clapping in rhythm with the dholak touches the heart.

Versions of Mangal Geet
Being a folk song, many versions of the song have been created while travelling from one place to another. Well, in the Panchayat series, the meaning of this song is also good wishes. Here also, good wishes are being made for the upcoming child that his looks are very auspicious. In the future, he will become the shining star of the country. This was what was needed. The Muhurta is also very good. This child will become GM in the future. But the one wishing well is not satisfied. He goes further and wishes him to become DM, CM and finally PM i.e. Prime Minister.

There is a very interesting tradition of Sohar in folk.

Old format
If we talk about an old form of this Sohar prevalent in Bhojpuri and Awadhi, then it is something like this –

Bhawanwa whose part is awakened,
Lalana will be red,
In the mind of the lamp of Kulva,
I have hope.
Today is a beautiful day,
The night is breathtaking,
Lalana didiya’s horila was born,
Horilva is very beautiful….

Tradition is related to Ramjanam
The tradition of Sohar exists in almost all Hindi speaking states in some form or the other. Mangal songs have been mentioned in Ramacharit Manas as well. There too, Sohars are sung on the birth of Lord Ram. Goswami Tulsidas has even written in his other works that he himself was among the women singing Sohars.

Women of the older generation tell that earlier, when a child was born, there was no talk of him becoming GM, CM or PM. Rather, it was imagined that the child would be a man of dignity like Ram. He would be knowledgeable. He would glorify the country and society. But when times changed, people started wishing for him to reach new positions. Famous singer of Banaras Pandit Chhunnu Lal and preacher Vyas Rajan Maharaj have also made Sohar popular in their own way.

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