After her mother’s death, Jahnavi Kapoor became more religious, told why she goes to Tirupati, said- ‘I have decided…’

New Delhi. Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor has been very close to her mother Sridevi. She visits Tirupati temple every year on her mother’s birthday. Janhvi Kapoor says that after her mother’s death, her outlook towards life changed suddenly and along with this she has become more religious and superstitious than before. Janhvi Kapoor also told that she gets peace of mind in Tirupati temple.

During an interview with The Lallantop, Janhvi Kapoor said, ‘Mother believed in all these things like not cutting hair on Fridays because Goddess Lakshmi does not enter the house. One should not wear black on Fridays. I never believed in such superstitions. But after her death, I started believing. Maybe I have started believing all this more. I don’t know if I was so religious and spiritual when mother was with us. If mother believed, then we also believed. But after her death, I think I started taking more refuge in religion.’

Why does Jhanvi Kapoor go to Tirupati?
Apart from this, Janhvi Kapoor told why she goes to Tirupati temple every year on mother Sridevi’s birthday. She said, ‘There is a different connection with Tirupati. Since childhood I have been hearing that mother has a different collection with Balaji. Mother used to chant his name Narayan Narayan Narayan. When she was working, she used to climb the stairs of Tirupati every year on her birthday but after marriage she stopped going to Tirupati.’

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