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Will rehabilitation follow the horror weekend in Imola? Aston Martin looked quick in Monaco on Friday. Can Alonso and Stroll keep it up?

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Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso
Aston Martin seems to be more competitive in Monaco than last time, Photo: LAT Images

Lots of updates, nothing behind them. This is the impression that the last few weeks have given at Aston Martin. The team has by far brought the most Formula 1 updates from all teams, but in Imola only two points were scored by Lance Stroll. Will the updates finally work in Monaco? The free practice sessions show that the chances for Alonso and Stroll are not bad.

Stroll and Alonso positive: F1 car felt good

In contrast to most previous weekends, Aston Martin only brought two updates in Monaco, which, however, have more to do with the characteristics of the track in Monaco. The traditional track in the middle of the city center is the slowest course on the calendar. Accordingly, all teams want to bring as much downforce to their cars as possible.

The changes to the Aston Martin relate to the rear wing and beam wing. The changes are intended to provide more downforce. “It has felt pretty good so far,” reports Fernando Alonso.

Lance Stroll also seems to be in a positive mood. “I had a few good laps. It didn’t feel bad in the car.” The positive feeling was enough for positions three and seven. But Fernando Alonso was still almost five tenths behind Charles Leclerc at the top.

Rainy prospects in qualifying: Will teams hold back performance?

Lance Stroll is not quite ready to give his full credit, however. If the weather is unsuitable, today’s performance might not be relevant anyway. “Many people didn’t use any soft tires because the weather forecast for qualifying is rainy. So we’ll see tomorrow,” said Stroll. Rain would probably shake up the pecking order again either way. Stroll does not think Friday will be a truly representative balance of power.

“I wish I had a crystal ball, but unfortunately I don’t know,” Fernando Alonso also wonders. Rain would probably be an advantage for the old master. Experience is likely to be even more valuable in the rain in the narrow streets of Monaco than it already is. And Lance Stroll has also already proven himself to be a capable rain driver, not least with his pole in Turkey in 2020.

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