This vision brings Ferrari back to the top of Formula 1

Things are going well at Ferrari this season. Just two years ago, the Reds were often the laughingstock of Formula 1 and were criticized for many mistakes. Think of the poor reliability of the Ferrari engine, the strategic mistakes at the command post, the desolate pit stops and also the driving mistakes made by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in 2022. All of this now seems to have been eradicated. Over the last few months, Ferrari has gradually developed into a serious competitor to the top team Red Bull.

Leclerc promotes Ferrari: Clear focus, best possible working environment

“I think Fred’s vision and his ability to create the right environment for people to get the best out of everyone is truly amazing. This has made the difference along with a very clear vision of what key points we need to focus on “It’s very clear which points need to be improved and addressed in the next few months. This helps the team to have a clear vision and to focus all their energy on just one or two things that they can immediately see the added value of.” Leclerc emphasized the special qualities of his boss Fred Vasseur, who led Ferrari to success.

He is also enthusiastic about the excellent shape the team is now in under Vasseur: “I think our team is in a very good moment – we are in a good spiral.” The open collaboration between team boss and driver also seems to work: “Fred always told me what his medium to long-term vision for the team was. I also told him what I thought was the right thing to do. And things are going really well, very good.”

Ferrari – A place for Adrian Newey?

For this reason, Leclerc sees Ferrari “in a good position to attract the best people in the world.” The best people in the world? One immediately thinks of the high-profile car designer Adrian Newey, who will be available on the F1 market from 2025. The door to Ferrari is wide open for the design genius if Leclerc goes: “We are already a really good team and in the last seven to eight months we have made incredible progress. But whatever and whoever can come, “To make it even stronger is super important. Adrian is one of those people who can make a difference. Bringing him into a team like this would be fantastic.”

Newey’s departure from Red Bull could mean the end of dominance for the world champion team, says Formula 1 expert Christian Danner. You can find out what his arguments are in this video:

Is Red Bull falling apart? Danner: Newey departure ends F1 dominance! (30:52 mins)

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