MotoGP calendar 2024: Kazakhstan replaces cancelled Indian GP

The racing calendar chaos in MotoGP continues. The Kazakhstan GP has been given a new date in September following the cancellation of the Indian race.

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The MotoGP will race in Kazakhstan in 2024, Photo:
The MotoGP will race in Kazakhstan in 2024, Photo:

The MotoGP will still race in Kazakhstan in 2024. This was announced on Wednesday. A few minutes after the Motorcycle World Championship, together with the FIM and the IRTA, announced the cancellation of the Indian GP from this year’s racing calendar, the race in the Central Asian country was announced as a replacement.

This marks a third attempt to hold the first race at the Sokol International Racetrack. The Kazakhstan GP was supposed to have made its debut on the track near Almaty in 2023. But it was cancelled at the time because the course was not completed and thus homologated in time. Global operational challenges were also given as a reason for the cancellation.

All good things come in threes: Kazakhstan GP planned for September

In 2024, the race, which was scheduled for June 16, was cancelled in early May due to severe flooding in large parts of the country. Although the natural disaster did not affect the area around the racetrack, it mainly extended to the north of the country. However, it was considered “irresponsible” to impose additional burdens on the authorities and services in the form of MotoGP in view of the flood.

The Kazakhstan GP will take the place of the India race and will therefore take place from September 20 to 22, 2024. Thanks to the new Kazakhstan date, the MotoGP racing calendar will once again consist of 20 Grands Prix. The India GP had already been postponed to 2025. You can read more about the cancellation of the race in New Delhi here:

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