Ferrari can beat Red Bull in the World Championship battle in 2024

31 points separate Max Verstappen from his closest rival Charles Leclerc. Lando Norris is also within reach with 56 points. The battle for the World Championship in Formula 1 hasn’t been this exciting for a long time. Red Bull is struggling, Ferrari is confident: they can beat Red Bull in at least one championship! Andrea Stella sees it the same way.

Andrea Stella: Ferrari can become Formula 1 world champion in 2024

“I have to agree with Charles, Ferrari can become world champions in both championships,” said Andrea Stella at the team boss press conference for the Canadian GP. “Leclerc was in phenomenal form in Monaco.” He sees regular podiums as more realistic for his own team.

Lando Norris (McLaren) and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) after the races in the Parc Ferme
Ferrari has a slight lead over McLaren in the World Championship battle, Photo: LAT Images

“At the moment, some teams are only separated by a few tenths of a second. The track layout or the drivers can make a difference,” said the McLaren team boss. “It’s important for us to be as well prepared as possible and to maximize our package.”

Taboo subject: World Championship at McLaren

What are the chances of being able to take on Red Bull and Ferrari after all? “If we look at the standings, we are in a good position. If we look at the points, the difference is also good,” explains Stella. McLaren is also third in the constructors’ standings, 92 points behind Red Bull and 68 points behind Ferrari.

Will Red Bull have money problems in the F1 World Championship battle? 3 million missing! (06:48 min.)

“But a second after we’ve dealt with it, we forget all about it and instead think about what we need to do now to be good at the next races,” emphasises the Italian engineer. “And focus on future updates.” The team from Woking travelled to Canada without any new parts.

“We don’t focus on results, but on the process,” Andrea Stella continues. She adds: “If you focus too much on results in Formula 1, you can easily get carried away.”

Red Bull didn’t get off to a good start in Canada again: Technical problems with Max Verstappen’s car forced him to sit out the second free practice session. Click here for the article.

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