King Charles seeks to restore ‘royal glamour’ with new ‘real asset’

King Charles seeks to restore ‘royal glamour’ with new ‘real asset’

King Charles is reportedly planning to bring Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie on the frontlines of monarchy as Kate Middleton continues her treatment from cancer.

Speaking to Charlotte Griffiths of the Daily Mail, a source revealed the 75-year-old monarch could invite them on upcoming events in a bid to add “royal glamour,” which has been lacking in the glaring face of slimmed-down monarchy.

The royal calendar is currently bursting with engagements, including Trooping the Colour, a state banquet, the 80th D-Day anniversary, Ascot, as well as several Buckingham Palace Garden parties.

The insider shared: “’They’ve got a busy diary coming up and they need to widen the family at social events. You’ve got a whole week of Ascot. You have four garden parties. You’ve got Trooping the Colour, and you’ve got a state visit before you even start on other things.”

“I think Beatrice and Eugenie are adding support where they can,” they explained. “They’ve always been clear they’re non-royal, but they’re always there to help fulfil any duties required.”

A second source echoed similar sentiments, noting, the King is “heavily reliant” on his sister Princess Anne and brother Edward to mantle “positively skeletal” slimmed-down monarchy.

They continued: “He is looking to bring in some fresh blood and he’s looking to Beatrice and Eugenie. He thinks that they’ve grown into very sensible, lovely women who he thinks could be a real asset. Charles is listening to his public.

“They have been crying out for that royal glamour that has been missing during a time when his slimmed-down monarchy is in desperate need of bulking up.

“Beatrice in particular has been desperate for her chance to shine. She was once shy and her style was a little frumpy. But these days she’s ambitious, confident and fashionable. She looks great in photos,” the insider added.

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