King Charles ‘emotional and upset’ with Prince Harry for deepened rift

King Charles still ‘dearly loves’ Prince Harry despite ongoing rift
King Charles still ‘dearly loves’ Prince Harry despite ongoing rift 

King Charles may have declined a meeting with his son Prince Harry, but he is still hurt over his fading relationship with his younger son.

The monarch refused Harry’s request to meet him in London, despite being a stone throws away, earlier this week.

It appears that the King still harbours a grudge against his son despite loving him dearly, per royal commentator Sarah-Louise Robertson.

“King Charles obviously does love Harry dearly, but he’s so hurt,” Robertson told GB News. “And it’s the trust, the trust has just gone.”

Prince Harry had visited his estranged father for the first time in years in February this year, after he received a call the monarch himself about his cancer diagnosis.

The meeting had also sparked hope of a reconciliation between the father and son.

Robertson shared that the meeting was quite emotional and upsetting for the King which is why Queen has become “very protective” of the King.

“Camilla is very protective; she can’t have anything upset King Charles right now. It’s just too much for him,” she said.

The expert suggested that the reconciliation can only happen if Harry can “prove that he can be trusted.”

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